Clemson Canine Genetics

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Dr. Caitlin Rinz Jones

Dr. Caitlin Rinz Jones 

Caitlin and Lily - 2011


2010 B.S. - Biology, Presbyterian College

2010 B.A. - Spanish, Presbyterian College

2014 Ph.D. - Genetics, Clemson University 



Rinz C.J., Lennon V.A., James F., Thoreson J., Tsai K.L., Starr-Moss A.N., Humpries H.D., Guo L.T., Palmer A.C., Clark L.A., Shelton G.D. (2015). A CHRNE frameshift mutation causes congenital myasthenic syndrome in young Jack Russell terriers. Neuromuscular Disorders 25:921-927.

Rinz, C.J., J. Levine, K.M. Minor, H.D. Humphries, R. Lara, A.N. Starr-Moss, L.T. Guo, G.D. Shelton, and L.A. Clark (2014) A COLQ Missense Mutation in Labrador Retrievers Having Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome. PLoS ONE 9(8): e106425. 

Tsai, K.L., R.E. Noorai, A.N. Starr-Moss, P. Quignon, C.J. Rinz, E.A. Ostrander, J.M. Steiner, K.E. Murphy and L.A. Clark (2011). Genome-wide association studies for multiple diseases of the German Shepherd Dog. Mammalian Genome 23:203-211.


My name is Lily!